Sunday, 27 February 2011

Neglected classics

Today's Guardian website suggests ten great neglected classics, and I agree with all of them; it may form the basis of a new spring reading list. It's wonderful to see at least one Capuchin and one Persephone in there, too.


Cristina (Rochester Reader) said...

Hi Lulu! Good to see you blogging again and I hope you are well :-)
Thank you for the link. I haven't read any of those books and agree that it would make an excellent reading list.
Have you been following the Persephone Reading Weekend hosted by Paperback Reader and Cardigan Girl Verity? Today is the last day and there are so many interesting posts and competitions going on.

Karenlibrarian said...

There's actually two Persephones on the list -- The Blank Wall is a Persephone also. Thank you for sharing this, several of these are on my to-read list and now I'll be adding the rest!

Lulu said...

Thanks Cristina - I'm fine, it's just been a combination of doing up my new house and working like a demon that has kept me away from the blogosphere. I'm going to try and get lampandbook up and running again - I miss it! I didn't do this Persephone reading weekend, but I may be up for a future one. Currently 200 pages from the end of Anna Karenina :)

And Karen, thanks for pointing out The Blank Wall. I should have known that... :)

Thomas at My Porch said...

I blogged about this today and asked what books people would want to nominate for the list.